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What You Need to Know About Polyhedral Dice Set

Polyhedral dice are used to play the tabletop games but is mostly associated with dungeons and dragons. A set is made up of seven dice. The dice include D4, D6, D8, D10 (units), D10 (tenth) D12 and D20. When playing, all the dice apart from D20 can be used for either, attack, spells and healing or for weapons damage. The D20 die is used know it the action will be considered. Fun fact about polyhedral dice is that they all have a convex shape; this helps the dice have faces where they can land on. Below is a guide to help you know more about each dice.

The first dice to discuss is D4. It is a four-sided dice and hence it is called the tetrahedron. The word tetrahedron is obtained from two Greek words that are “tetra” and “hedron”. "Tetra" means four while "hedron" means face. Hence the word tetrahedron in Greek means four faces. Fun fact about it is that it is the only dice with less than fife faces and it has a polyhedral shape. Make sure to see page here!

The other one is D6. It is called the cube. This is a common dice and is used for playing many other tabletop games. It is called the cube because of its shape, made up of six squares and has a total number of eight corners.

Another one is D8. It is called the octahedron. It is an eight-sided polyhedral dice roller that forms an octahedron shape. The shape is achieved by combining two pyramids together and all edges have the same length. Then there is the D10. Known as the pentagonal trapezohedron. It has ten faces, with the same shape. Fun fact about the D10 it is the only die that is not a platonic solid. It is numbered from zero to nine and not one to twenty.

The second last dice is the D12. Known as the dodecahedron. It has twelve regular hexagons. And the last one is D20. Known as the icosahedron. It has twenty faces that are equilateral triangles. It is also numbered zero to nine two times. The seven combined are the ones that make up a full set of polyhedral site.

These shapes have been known by mankind from long ago, however, the dice were created by the authors of dungeons and dragons in the year nineteen seventy-eight. Since then, they have been used is many other different tabletop games. Get into some more facts about dice, go to

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